(Book) Trueman's UGC CSIR-NET Mathematical Sciences by TPC

Trueman's UGC CSIR-NET Mathematical Sciences

Book Details

Author: A. M. Tripathi, Sunil Kushwaha
Publisher: Danika/ Trueman Publishing Company
ISBN-10: 8189301063
Number of Pages: 758 Pages
Publication Year: 2014
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9788189301064
Binding: Paperback

Table of Contents

CSIR Model Question Paper

Part ‘A’

MCQs’ on General Aptitude
(Logical Reasoning, Graphical Analysis, Analytical and Numerical Ability,
Quantitative Comparisons, Series Formation, Puzzles)

Part ‘B’ & Part ‘C’


Chapter 1 Analysis
Chapter 2 Linear Algebra


Chapter 3 Complex Analysis
Chapter 4 Algebra


Chapter 5 Differential Equations (Ordinary and Partial)
Chapter 6 Numerical Analysis
Chapter 7 Calculus of Variations
Chapter 8 Linear Integral Equations
Chapter 9 Classical Mechanics


Chapter 10 Descriptive Statistics, Exploratory, Data Analysis
Sample Questions for Part ‘C’

Summary Of The Book

Trueman's UGC CSIR-NET Mathematical Sciences is a guide that is being used by a number of students throughout India in order to crack the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) National Eligibility Test or the NET.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part, titled ‘Part A’, has multiple choice type questions on various subjects that fall under the General Aptitude category. These questions will test the students’ logical and numerical ability, their capacity to make accurate quantitative comparisons, their ability to understand the nature of series and predict the next member in various series and so on.

Parts B and C of Trueman's UGC CSIR-NET Mathematical Sciences contain four units in total, and amongst these four units, the chapters cover all the subjects necessary for the NET. The first unit covers subjects such as Analysis and Linear Algebra, which are basic mathematical concepts common to practically all examinations.

The second unit delves deeper into algebra, discussing the precepts of Complex Analysis, and also covers algebra adequately. Unit 3 primarily covers calculus, covering partial and complete differential equations and Numerical Theory. The fourth and final unit has only one chapter which deals with descriptive statistics and data analysis.

The best features of Trueman's UGC CSIR-NET Mathematical Sciences are that model test papers have been provided for both sections A and B. Besides, a complete blueprint of the test as well as the syllabus have been provided in the book. Specific emphasis has been laid on objective type questions, with material having been provided to attempt Paper 1, Section B with sufficient confidence.

There are a number of questions of different kinds, like Matching, Reason and Assertion and Multiple Choice. Solutions have also been provided for certain sample questions, and even probable questions for Paper 2 are featured in Trueman's UGC CSIR-NET Mathematical Sciences.

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